Maximizing Vermintide 2 Dust: Guide & Specs
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Vermintide 2 Green Dust: Get Rich and Upgrade Your Equipment

If you’re an avid gamer, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Vermintide 2. For those who aren’t, it’s a cooperative first-person action game, developed and published by Fatshark. In this game, you get to fight off hordes of Skaven and Chaos Warriors as you progress through the various stages of the game.

One of the essential resources that you will need to upgrade your equipment is Green Dust. It’s a common crafting material that you can use to level up your gear and boost your stats. There are many ways to get your hands on this precious resource, and we’ll cover them all in this post.

The Importance of Green Dust in Vermintide 2

Green Dust is an essential material that you need to upgrade your weapons and armor in Vermintide 2. It’s essential to have high-level gear to survive the game’s later stages. If you’re struggling to defeat the powerful enemies, it might be because you haven’t been upgrading your equipment.

How to Get Green Dust in Vermintide 2

There are several ways to get Green Dust in Vermintide 2. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  • Complete Missions – As you complete missions in the game, you’ll earn loot boxes that may contain Green Dust.
  • Daily Quests – Every day, you’ll get a new set of daily quests that you can complete to earn Green Dust.
  • Deconstructing Equipment – When you deconstruct your gear, you’ll get crafting materials, including Green Dust.
  • Events – You can participate in special events to earn Green Dust rewards.
  • By using these methods, you’ll be able to accumulate an abundance of Green Dust to upgrade all your equipment.

    Other Types of Dust in Vermintide 2

    Aside from Green Dust, there are two other kinds of dust that are just as important. These are Bright Dust and Red Dust.

    Bright Dust is a rare crafting material that you can use to upgrade your equipment’s properties. It’s challenging to obtain, but you can get it by completing missions and events.

    Red Dust is a dust that has a much higher value than the other two. It’s used to upgrade specific properties of certain equipment. You can get Red Dust by breaking down gear that has Red Properties.


    Improving your equipment is essential if you want to progress through the later stages of Vermintide 2. By accumulating plenty of Green Dust, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and armor to have a better chance of survival.

    Remember to keep an eye out for rare crafting materials like Bright and Red Dust. They are both essential for upgrading your equipment’s properties, giving you an edge in combat.

    So, there you have it, folks. Now you know how to get Green Dust in Vermintide 2 and how important it is for upgrading your weapons and armor. Pick up your controller and get started on the journey towards victory!

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