SwTOR Tips: How to Get Unstuck, Unsubscribe, Repair, and Escape Combat
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SWTOR How To Get Unstuck


G’day Dawgs, are you a gamer who’s playing SWTOR and got stuck like a Kangaroo in a fence? Don’t worry, mate, I got your back. Below, I will give you the solution to your problem and answer some of your other questions as well. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Unstuck:

The first solution is getting out of combat. Sometimes, you might be in a sticky situation where you can’t move or do anything. In this case, you can try to log out and log back in. This will get you out of combat and hopefully unstuck.

If that doesn’t work, try clicking the Unstuck button in your menu. This option should move your character to more accessible terrain, so you can get back on track. You can also try using your quick travel option to get out of a tight spot.

Other Problems and Solutions:

If you want to unsubscribe from SWTOR, you can directly reach out to the customer support team or send a ticket. You can also cancel your subscription on the official SWTOR website.

In some cases, you might encounter bugs or issues that need to be fixed. In this case, you can try repairing SWTOR. To do that, you need to open Origin, go to your game library, right-click on SWTOR, and select Repair. This should fix most of the errors.

If you want to delete SWTOR, you can uninstall the game from your computer. On Windows, you can do this via the control panel. On Mac, you can drag the game to the Trash and then empty it.

Finally, if you’re stuck in combat in SWTOR, try to hold off attacking and wait for the mobs to reset. You can also try logging out and logging back in or using the quick travel option.


So, there you have it, Dawgs – the solutions to some of your SWTOR problems. Getting unstuck and fixing bugs is essential when playing games, but don’t worry too much. There’s always a way to solve it.

If you need more help or have other questions, feel free to comment below. I’ll be more than happy to help a fellow gamer out. Stay safe and keep gaming, mates!

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