Best Stretch Res for Valorant 2022: How to Get True Stretch Res Valorant?
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Stretch Res Valorant: What It Is and Why It Matters

Yo, dawgs! Are you tired of playing Valorant with a blurry ass screen? Do you struggle to spot enemies because everything looks pixelated? Well, my fellow gamers, the solution to your problem might be stretch res Valorant.

For those who don’t know, stretch res Valorant is a method of changing the aspect ratio of your game, making everything appear stretched horizontally. This technique can help you spot enemies more easily and have a better understanding of your surroundings. It’s also great for those who play with low resolutions, as it can make the game look cleaner and less pixelated.

How to Get Stretch Res on Valorant

Getting stretch res on Valorant is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Center, depending on your graphics card.
2. Go to Display and select Adjust desktop size and position.
3. Select Aspect ratio and change it to Full-screen.
4. Apply the changes and open Valorant.
5. In the game settings, select your desired resolution and make sure the aspect ratio is set to 16:9.
6. Enjoy your stretched-out game!

What Is the Best Stretch Res for Valorant?

The best stretch res for Valorant is subjective and depends on your personal preference. Some players swear by 4:3 stretched, while others prefer 16:10 stretched. However, the most popular stretch res for Valorant is 16:9 stretched. This resolution provides a good balance between stretching and clarity, making it easy to spot enemies and navigate the game.

True Stretch Res Valorant

When it comes to stretch res in Valorant, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Many players believe that using stretch res is illegal or a form of cheating. However, this is not true. Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, has officially stated that using stretch res is not against their rules and is a valid way of playing the game.

So, if you want to give yourself an advantage in Valorant and make the game look better, stretch res is the way to go. Just make sure to experiment with different resolutions and find the one that works best for you. Happy gaming, dawgs!

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