Shadow Stormfish: Catching the Rare Species in Sea of Thieves
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Shadow Stormfish: A Not-So-Mythical Beast of the Sea

G’day, mate! Ya ever heard of the Shadow Stormfish? Yeah, I know, it sounds like some made-up creature from a children’s storybook, but let me tell ya, it’s as real as the Great Barrier Reef — and just as dangerous! As a gamer from Down Under and a fan of Sea of Thieves, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with this shadowy beastie. So, if ye’re planning to set sail in the Sea of Thieves, ye better read on and learn everything ye need to know about the Shadow Stormfish.

What is a Shadow Stormfish?

Now, before I dive into the details, let’s get one thing straight: the Shadow Stormfish is not your ordinary fish. It’s a rare type of fish found only in the Sea of Thieves. You can’t just catch it by dropping a baited line anywhere in the water. This bad boy only appears in specific locations under specific conditions.

When you do manage to find it and reel it in, you might be surprised by its size — it may be small but it packs a punch. This is because the Shadow Stormfish has a unique ability that sets it apart from other fish in the game. It can restore your health instantly, allowing you to heal even in the heat of battle.

How to Catch a Shadow Stormfish?

Now, onto the million-dollar question: how the heck do you catch this elusive creature? Well, mate, that’s the tricky part. Like I said earlier, it only appears in specific locations under specific conditions. The best way to increase your chances of catching a Shadow Stormfish is by using the right bait and fishing in the right spot.

To catch a Shadow Stormfish, ye need to use a Trophy Fish Bait when fishing in the Wild Treacherous Waters. You can find these types of bait by completing commendations or purchasing from the Hunter’s Call. Once you got your bait, you need to head over to a Sea of Thieves island and find the foreboding clouds that indicate a storm is brewing. Cast your line into the ocean within the storm to get a chance at catching one of these elusive beasties.

Why is it Worth Catching a Shadow Stormfish?

Now, you might be wondering if it’s even worth the hassle of trying to catch one of these elusive fish. Well, let me tell you, mate, it’s definitely worth it. Not only does it restore your health instantly, but it’s also worth a pretty penny. You can sell it to the Hunter’s Call for some serious coin, or you can keep it in your inventory to heal yourself in a pinch.

Plus, there’s a commendation related to catching all types of Krakens’ Fall rare fish, so catching a Shadow Stormfish can help you towards that achievement.


All in all, the Shadow Stormfish is a rare and unique fish that’s definitely worth trying to catch in Sea of Thieves. But it won’t be an easy task — you gotta use the right bait, fish in the right spot, and pray to the sea gods for some good luck.

But trust me, when you do finally catch one of these bad boys, it’ll make you feel like a true pirate legend. So, mate, the next time you set sail in the Sea of Thieves, keep an eye out for those storm clouds and get ready to hook yourself a Shadow Stormfish!

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