SCP Containment Breach Cheats: Ultimate List and Codes
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Yo, what’s up dawgs? Are you stuck in the SCP Containment Breach game? Do you need some cheats to level up and escape that spooky facility? Well, you came to the right place ‘cuz I’m about to drop some serious knowledge on SCP Containment Breach cheats. Let’s get it!

First and foremost, you gotta know that cheating in any game is kinda risky, and SCP Containment Breach is no exception. Cheating can corrupt your game files, crash the game, or even get you banned if you’re playing online. So, proceed at your own risk and don’t blame me if something goes wrong, aight?

Now, let’s talk about the SCP Containment Breach cheats that actually work. For PC players, you can use cheat codes to get some extra goodies like God mode, infinite ammo, or even skip levels. Here are some of the most common cheat codes:

– god – enables God mode, making you invincible to damage
– giveitem [item ID] – gives you any item you want. You can find the item IDs on the SCP wiki or forums
– noclip – lets you walk through walls and objects like a ghost
– Map [map name] – takes you to any map you want. Again, you gotta know the map names beforehand

To use these cheat codes, you gotta press the tilde key (~) to open the console and type in the code. Make sure you spell everything correctly and use capital letters where necessary. You can also use the cheat engine to search for specific variables in the memory and manipulate them, but that’s a bit advanced for most players. Y’all can Google it if you’re interested, dawgs.

If you wanna cheat in a more convenient way, you can download a SCP Containment Breach cheater tool. These tools usually have a user-friendly interface where you can enable/disable cheats with a click of a button. Some popular SCP Containment Breach cheater tools are Cheat Engine, WeMod, and ArtMoney. Just download, install, and follow the instructions. They also have a database of cheat codes and trainers for other games, so you might wanna check that out too, homies.

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Lastly, you can use cheat commands to experiment with the game mechanics and test out some ideas. You can spawn any SCP you want, toggle lights and doors, mess with the AI, and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Here are some useful cheat commands:

– spawn [SCP ID] – spawns an SCP in front of you. Again, you gotta know the SCP IDs beforehand
– ent_remove_all – removes all entities in the map, including SCPs, items, and NPCs
– nav_generate – generates a new navigation mesh for the map, which can help fix some glitches and AI issues
– give [item name] – gives you any item you want without typing the item ID. Handy, huh?

To use cheat commands, you gotta open the console like before and type in the command. Unlike cheat codes, you don’t need to use any prefixes or brackets, just the plain command. Remember that some cheat commands can break the game or cause unexpected results, so be careful when using them.

That’s all I got for SCP Containment Breach cheats, my dudes. Hopefully, these tips will help you beat the game and escape from the Foundation. If you know any other SCP Containment Breach cheats or tricks, feel free to share ’em in the comments below. Stay safe and stay gangsta, homies.

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