Fixing Payday 2 Fullscreen Bugs: Windowed or Borderless?
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Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen

Yo, what’s up dawg? You playin’ Payday 2? You know how it is when you playin’ a game and you get all involved then suddenly you gotta switch to another window to do somethin’ else? It’s like, breakin’ your high, right? Well, Payday 2 got a solution for you, it’s called Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen, ain’t no bug, it’s a feature dawg!

What is Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen?

  • Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen is when your game plays in a windowed mode, but it’s set to cover the whole screen.
  • With Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen, you won’t need to switch windows to interact, minimizing the chances of losing important gameplay or information.
  • Although it’s windowed, it’s still fullscreen, which means you won’t get any nasty borders around your game screen.
  • How to Play Payday 2 in Windowed Fullscreen Mode

    To play Payday 2 in Windowed Fullscreen, you gotta follow some steps, dawg.

  • First, you gotta open up the game settings.
  • In the settings, you gonna select video settings, there, you’ll see options to play in fullscreen mode, windowed mode, or borderless windowed mode.
  • If you want to play in fullscreen mode, select its option, but as we want to play in Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen, you gotta select windowed mode.
  • After selecting windowed mode, you gotta set the resolution according to your screen size, but if you don’t know the resolution, the game will select the default.
  • Now, the most important part, you gotta click on the box named Windowed Fullscreen to enable it, and bam, you’re good to go, my man!
  • Splitscreen and Loading Screen Info

    Ay, dawg, did ya know Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen helps with splitscreen too?

  • When playin’ in windowed mode, you won’t get any loading screen info within the game window. So, you can use the splash screen to do other stuff without worrying about missin’ any information.
  • Also, with Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen, you can play splitscreen with your buddy playing on another screen side by side. Ain’t no one gotta share a tiny little screen, it’s all good, dawg!
  • Payday 2 Fullscreen Bug? Nah!

    Some peeps complainin’ that fullscreen ain’t workin’ properly, and it’s just to let ya know, it ain’t a bug, my friend.

  • The way Payday 2 is designed, when it plays in fullscreen mode, it minimizes itself when switching to another window. It’s set up like that so that the game won’t interfere with your PC settings.
  • Payday 2 Time Window

    Alright, dawg, let me tell you somethin’, Payday 2 gotta time window in it, which means the game window might shut down after some time of playin’.

  • Now, why does this happen? It’s ’cause Payday 2 becomes unresponsive or freezes. In such cases, windows take back control of your PC and shut everything down, includin’ your Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen.
  • But, there’s a solution. Dawg, you can update your graphics driver, defrag your hard disk, or add more RAM, they’ll help ya to play for a longer time without facing any issues.
  • In Summary

    To sum up, Payday 2 Windowed Fullscreen is a great feature that you’ll enjoy using. It’s easy to set up, you won’t have to worry about missing important information or getting any nasty borders around your screen. And, if you take care of your PC, you can play for longer periods of time without any issues. So, get on it, dawg, and start enjoying your Payday 2 in its full glory!

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