Troubleshooting Payday 2 Mouse: Fixes for Cursor on Screen and Sensitivity Issues
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Payday 2 Two Mouse Cursors: Solve the Issue in Style Dawg

Yo my fellow gaming dawgs out there! Are you tired of playing Payday 2 with only one mouse cursor? Fret no more dawg, because we got the solution to your problem right here. Let’s get started and fix this ish once and for all.

The Issue: Payday 2 Cursor on Screen

Have you ever found yourself playing Payday 2 and suddenly the cursor appears on the screen, disrupting your gameplay? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This issue happens to a lot of Aussie dawgs out there.

The Fix: Payday 2 Two Mouse Cursors

Now, let’s get to fixing your problem. The solution to this issue is to enable two mouse cursors in Payday 2. This may sound complicated, but it’s quite simple.

Firstly, make sure that your mouse is actually working. If it’s not, then you have to fix that first. Try plugging it into a new USB port or changing the batteries if it’s wireless.

If your mouse is working just fine but the cursor is still appearing on the screen, then follow these steps.

Go to your Payday 2 installation folder and locate the render_settings.xml file. Open it with a text editor and add the following line under :

Save the file and exit. Now, start Payday 2 and voila! You now have two mouse cursors, one for the menu and one for the actual gameplay.

Other Fixes: Payday 2 Mouse Not Working, Payday 2 Mouse Acceleration, Payday 2 Mouse Sensitivity, Payday 2 Menu Mouse Sensitivity

But wait, there’s more! If your mouse is still not working properly or you’re experiencing mouse acceleration or sensitivity issues, then we got some more solutions for you dawg.

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To fix mouse acceleration, go to your Payday 2 options and navigate to Mouse Acceleration. Make sure it’s turned off.

To fix mouse sensitivity, go to Mouse Sensitivity and adjust it to your liking.

If you’re experiencing menu mouse sensitivity issues, then go to Menu Mouse Sensitivity and adjust that too.

There you have it dawgs, all the solutions to your Payday 2 mouse problems. Now, go ahead and enjoy the game with two mouse cursors and smooth gameplay.

Peace out!

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