Maximizing Payday 2 Shotgun Build for 2022: Accuracy, Ammo, and Push with the Best Perk Deck
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Get Ready to Blast with Payday 2 Shotguns


What up dawgs! Today, we’re gonna talk about the ultimate weapon in the Payday 2 game – Shotguns! These babies can take down enemy SWAT members with just one shot, leaving them to kiss the pavement. Keep reading to know more about Payday 2 shotguns and how to rock them.

Payday 2 Shotguns

Payday 2 has a bunch of guns to choose from, but if you’re like us, you always go for the shotguns. These babies come in different types and modify according to how you want to use them. They’re perfect for tight situations and near-distance handling, making them a top choice for that up-close-and-personal action. If you’re with us, let’s jump right into the game and check out some of the best payday 2 shotgun builds out there.

Payday 2 Shotgun Build

The best shotgun builds vary according to the player’s preference, but the Overkill build is considered one of the favorites in the game. By using this build, you can maximize power, accuracy, and stability. The Overkill shotgun build is perfect for those who want to take down enemies with a few shots.

Payday 2 Shotgun Build 2022

As we enter the new year, it’s only fitting to update all our builds, including our Payday 2 shotgun builds. One of the top Payday 2 shotgun builds in 2022 is the Mayhem Build. This build focuses on using the shotgun to fight against the enemies, and the Mayhem perk deck helps the players’ survivability in the game. With the Mayhem build, you can shoot enemies without having to worry about getting killed.

Payday 2 Shotgun Accuracy

Accuracy is key when using shotguns. Payday 2 shotguns are excellent up close, but as the distance increases, the scatterblast can decrease the accuracy. To improve the accuracy, grab those shotgun mods! The Shark Teeth Nozzle, The Pro Grip, The King’s Crown Compensator, and The TBT Quadstacked are just a few mods that can significantly improve your shotgun’s accuracy.

Payday 2 Shotgun Ammo

Shotguns tend to burn rubber fast, so make sure you stock up on shotgun ammo whenever you can. Players can increase their ammo capacity with perks and mods to handle the situation better.

Payday 2 Shotgun Push

One of the main benefits of shotguns in Payday 2 is its push ability. A shotgun blast can move enemies and even throw them off balconies. This can be beneficial to the player for crowd control and in-game situations.

Payday 2 Shotgun Perk Deck

The Payday 2 Shotgun perk deck is necessary to use in conjunction with your chosen shotgun build. These decks offer benefits and strengths that can suit the player and their playstyle. Some popular perk decks are Hellion Strike, Biker, and the Tank.


And that’s a wrap, folks! We’ve discussed the best Payday 2 shotguns, the top shotgun builds in 2022, the importance of shotgun accuracy, and perks you can use to improve your shotgun gameplay. As Payday 2 players, we like our action up close and personal, and with our Payday 2 shotguns, we become unstoppable. Now, go out there and show them who’s boss!

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