Overwatch Matchmaking: Fixing Broken System in 2021
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Hi dawgs,
If you are an Overwatch player, you know that the matchmaking system is totally broken. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player, the experience of waiting for a match that seems to take forever can be frustrating. Overwatch is a popular game that has been around for years, it has become a sort of esports giant. But with the introduction of Overwatch 2, the matchmaking system has become even worse.

Overwatch matchmaking is broken, and it’s ruining the fanbase. Players tend to get angry with the long waiting times, and the game’s algorithm seems to be the main cause of this. The community has been expressing their frustration with the broken matchmaking system, and Blizzard gives us nothing but silence. It’s not fair, on top of that, the wait times are crazy, and the players have to wait for 15-20 minutes just to find a match!

It’s not just about waiting times; the matchmaking system also impacts player skill levels. Players are put into games with people who are on entirely different skill levels, which makes it impossible to cooperate and work together. The system is failing to recognize and manage skill levels properly.

Overwatch is a game that’s built upon teamwork and communication, and that’s why the matchmaking system needs to be addressed. The algorithm behind the matchmaking seems to be broken, and it needs to be fixed. It is essential to have a proper ranking system that recognizes skill levels near the player, and this ranking system needs to be implemented well.

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Blizzard needs to listen to the community and address these concerns. The players are what make Overwatch such a fantastic game, and it’s not fair to treat them like this. Blizzard needs to take responsibility and implement a system that works well for everyone with proper skill recognition.

In conclusion, we as a community need to keep pushing for change because the matchmaking system is completely broken. Blizzard needs to take responsibility and make the necessary changes to make Overwatch a better experience for everyone. Let’s keep fighting for our right to decent matchmaking. Peace out, y’all!

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