Exploring MTA X14 Bus Route and Stops: Map, Schedule and Fares
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The Ultimate Guide to MTA X14 Bus Route

Yo, what’s up fellas? If you’re looking for a reliable and comfy ride in New York City, the MTA X14 bus route is your go-to option. This beast of a bus covers a long route from the Bronx to Manhattan, passing through some of the busiest and iconic areas of the Big Apple. In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the MTA X14, including its route map, schedule, fares, and more!

What is MTA X14?

If you haven’t heard about MTA X14 before, listen closely, dawg. It’s a premium express bus service that runs between Westchester Square in the Bronx to Union Square in Manhattan. The bus makes limited stops along the way, making it the perfect choice for those who want to get around quickly and comfortably without breaking the bank.

The MTA X14 is part of the MTA’s Select Bus Service (SBS), which means it offers special features such as off-board payment, dedicated bus lanes, and traffic signal priority. These features make the ride smoother and faster, reducing the time you spend waiting at stops or stuck in traffic.

MTA X14 Route Map

Before you hop on the MTA X14, it’s crucial to know where it’s headed and where it stops. Here’s the full route map of the MTA X14:

  • Westchester Square
  • Wilkinson Ave & Westchester Ave
  • Bronx River Pkwy & 233rd St
  • 5th Ave & 233rd St
  • Westchester Ave & 2nd Ave
  • East 23rd St & 2nd Ave
  • East 14th St & 3rd Ave
  • Union Square

As you can see, the MTA X14 starts at Westchester Square in the Bronx and goes through major streets such as Bronx River Parkway, 5th Ave, and 2nd Ave. The bus then crosses over the East River to Manhattan and stops at major landmarks including East 23rd St, East 14th St, and Union Square.

MTA X14 Schedule

Aight, now let’s talk about the schedule of the MTA X14. The bus runs every day from early morning to late night, with frequency varying depending on the time of the day. On weekdays, the bus starts running at around 5:30 a.m. and continues until midnight, with a frequency of around 10-15 minutes during peak hours and 20-30 minutes during off-peak hours.

On weekends, the schedule is slightly different, with a reduced frequency of around 15-20 minutes during the day and 30-40 minutes during the night. However, the MTA X14 still offers a reliable and convenient service throughout the weekend, so you don’t have to worry about missing your plans.

MTA X14 Fares

Now, here comes the tricky part – the fares. The MTA X14 is a premium service, which means it costs more than your regular bus or subway ride. However, considering the comfort and convenience it offers, the fares are still relatively affordable.

As of May 2021, the fare for the MTA X14 is $6.75 per ride, which you can pay using a MetroCard, OMNY card, or cash (exact change only). You can also get discounts if you use a reduced-fare MetroCard, such as for seniors or students.

MTA X14 and Other Routes

If you’re planning to take the MTA X14 but also need to transfer to another bus or subway route, no worries, dawg. The MTA X14 connects with several other routes along its way, giving you more flexibility and options to get around.

Here are some of the routes you can connect with from the MTA X14:

  • MTA 14A, 14B, and 14D
  • MTA 1402xl and 1400850
  • MTA 14th St Bus
  • MTA 142 and 14-102
  • Other Bronx and Manhattan subway lines

By hopping on the MTA X14, you can easily switch to other MTA routes and explore even more of NYC’s bustling neighborhoods and tourist spots.

Conclusion: MTA X14 is Lit

Alright, dawgs, that’s a wrap for our ultimate guide to the MTA X14 bus route. We hope you found this post helpful and informative, and now you’re ready to ride the X14 like a true gangsta. Remember to check the route map, schedule, and fares of the MTA X14 before you hit the streets, and don’t forget to connect with other MTA routes for even more adventures. Stay lit!

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