Memory Management BSOD: Fixes for Windows 11 & 10
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Understanding Memory Management BSOD and How to Fix It

What is Memory Management BSOD?

Yo dawgs! Have you ever encountered a blue screen of death (BSOD) with the error message Memory Management popping up? It’s a real head-scratcher, right? But don’t worry, my fellow techies, I got you!

To put it in simple words, Memory Management BSOD is a critical Windows error that occurs when the operating system detects a problem with the computer’s memory. This error can happen on any Windows version, from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

What Causes Memory Management BSOD?

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of Memory Management BSOD. Some of the most common causes include:

– Corrupted system files
– Outdated or faulty drivers
– Overclocked hardware
– Defective RAM or hard drive
– Malware or virus infection

How to Fix Memory Management BSOD?

Now that we know what causes Memory Management BSOD, let’s talk about the solutions!

1. Update Your Drivers

Outdated or faulty drivers can cause Memory Management BSOD, so it’s essential to update them. You can do this manually by visiting the manufacturer’s website or use a driver updater software.

2. Scan for Malware

Malware or virus infection can also trigger Memory Management BSOD. Run a full system scan using reliable antivirus software, and remove any threats found.

3. Check and Replace Faulty Hardware

If your RAM or hard drive is defective, it can cause Memory Management BSOD. Check your hardware using diagnostic software, and replace any faulty ones.

4. Perform a System File Check

Corrupt system files can also cause Memory Management BSOD. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator and run the command sfc /scannow to repair any damaged system files.

5. Reset Windows

As a last resort, you can reset Windows to its default settings to fix Memory Management BSOD. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery, and choose the Reset this PC option.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have a better understanding of what Memory Management BSOD is and how to fix it. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so keep your Windows updated, use reliable antivirus software, and avoid overclocking your hardware. If you encounter any more problems, feel free to drop them in the comments, and we’ll try to help you out!

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