il2cpp: Troubleshooting Common Errors and Solutions
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What is il2cpp? Jump right in Dawg!

Yo, what up everyone? Today we’re gonna talk about il2cpp, a major deal in the programming world. You probably have heard of it if you’re into game development. il2cpp is an abbreviation and stands for Intermediate Language to C++ compiler. It’s where Unity compiles the code written in C# into C++! Sounds cool, right?

Why il2cpp is so important in Unity game development?

Here’s the thing, my man, unity games can be built using C# code, which is known as scripting in Unity’s language. But, C# runs on the .NET framework, while the games are built for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, PC, and consoles.

So the Unity team introduced il2cpp to solve the problem. il2cpp is a cross-platform technology that compiles the C# code into C++, which is compatible with multiple platforms. This way, games can run on many devices, which is essential for game developers.

What are the common il2cpp errors that I may experience?

Well, mate, il2cpp errors can be frustrating to deal with, but let me tell you about some common errors that game developers face while developing games in Unity.

  1. il2cpp failed to convert to C++. This error occurs because your C# code isn’t compatible with il2cpp, and the conversion process failed.
  2. Missing assembly. This error message indicates that the required assembly is not found or excluded.
  3. il2cppdumper fails. il2cppdumper is a tool to dump other C++ generated files from Unity, but it may fail due to various issues.
  4. il2cppinspector crashes. il2cppinspector is an open-source tool that enables you to debug il2cpp compiled code, but it may crash due to various reasons.
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How can we solve these il2cpp errors?

Now, this is the critical question that you might be wondering about, right? Well, fret not, dawg, I got your back. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to solve il2cpp errors:

  1. Check the Unity version and the il2cpp version compatibility. They should be compatible with each other.
  2. Double-check the C# scripts, and make sure there are no syntax errors.
  3. Make sure you have all the required assemblies and plug-ins included in the project.
  4. Use il2cppdumper to dump the C++ code from Unity and re-compile it.
  5. Use il2cppinspector to debug the native code and trace the error to its root.

Where can I download il2cpp?

Well, my dude, il2cpp is included in Unity. Let me tell you how to use it. Go to Player Settings > Other Settings > Configuration in Unity, and select il2cpp. That’s it, man! Unity will take care of the rest of the process by converting the C# code to C++.


In a nutshell, il2cpp is an essential technology for game developers who want to make games compatible with multiple platforms. However, il2cpp errors can be frustrating at times, but with a few debugging skills and the right tools, you can solve them.

Always try to stay updated with the Unity version and il2cpp compatibility. Double-check the C# scripts and ensure they do not have any syntax errors. Most importantly, never give up in finding the root cause of the error. That’s it for now, folks! See you in the next blog. Peace out, dawg!

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