How to Change Your CS:GO Name Easily: Tips and Tricks
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How to Change Your CS GO Name

Are you tired of the same old boring name in CS GO? Want to spice things up and show off your swag? Well, dawg, you’re in luck because I got you covered. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to change your CS GO name and become the boss of your own game.

Step 1: Configuring Your Name in CS GO

The first step is to open up CS GO and go to the settings. In settings, you’ll see an option for name. Click on it and enter the name you want to show off. Make sure it’s gangsta and represents your personality. You can even add emojis to make it pop. If you’re playing with your homies, they’ll see your new name too.

Step 2: Changing Your Name During a Game

So, you already started a game, but your name is still the same old boring one. Well, don’t worry, dawg, you can change it in the middle of a match. All you have to do is open up the console by pressing the ~ key, and type in the command: name your new name. Boom, your name is changed, and everyone will know who’s boss.

Step 3: Changing Your Name in a Server

If you’re a server owner, you can change the name of the server to make it distinguishable. Just open up the console, type in hostname your new server name, and hit enter. Your server name will be changed to the one you entered. Keep in mind that this only changes the server name, not your personal name. You still need to follow step 1 if you want to change your name on the server too.

Other Ways to Change Your Name

If you want to change your name faster, you can use the command setinfo name your new name, which instantly changes your name without having to open up the settings menu. You can also use cl_clanid your clan tag to add a clan tag to your name. And for those who want to show off their epic achievements, you can add a name tag to your gun skins by going to your inventory and selecting the name tag option.

So, there you have it, dawg, now you know how to change your CS GO name like a pro. Show off your swag, and let everyone know who’s boss.

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