Hit the Dab and Yeet: Mastering Quick Dance Moves
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Alright dawgs, it’s time to talk about some lit stuff. Today we’re going to cover a bunch of hype words that you may have heard recently – hit the dab, hit the yeet, beat my meat, and go to sleep. These are all words commonly used among the youth and millennials these days, and it’s time for you to learn the ropes if you want to stay relevant in the streets, feel me?

First off, let’s talk about hitting the dab. This phrase originated from the dance move that involves you dropping your head and lifting your arms in a victory pose. It’s done to show off your success or swag, and it can be found in a lot of music videos and social media videos. It’s important to note that hitting the dab does not involve smoking weed or doing any kind of drugs – it’s just a fun dance move that you can do to celebrate.

Now let’s move onto hitting the yeet. This is another dance move that involves you throwing your arms out and your hips in the opposite direction. It’s a pretty simple move that you can do at any party or social gathering. It’s also used as an expression of excitement or hype, similar to hitting the dab. You can yell out YEET when you hit the move, and it’s usually followed by a round of applause or high-fives.

Next up, we’ve got the phrase beat my meat. This one might sound a bit dirty, but it’s actually just a phrase used to describe someone who is really good at what they do. For example, if you’re a basketball player who always dominates the court, your friends might say dang, you’re really beating your meat out there. It’s a compliment, so don’t take it the wrong way.

Lastly, we’ve got go to sleep. This phrase is used when someone is talking too much or trying to hype themselves up for something. For example, if you’re at a party and someone is talking about all the girls they’ve hooked up with, you might tell them to go to sleep – meaning that they need to chill out and stop trying so hard to impress others.

So there you have it dawgs, all the latest hype phrases that you need to know. Remember to hit the dab and hit the yeet when you’re feeling hyped up, and don’t forget to beat your meat whenever you’re doing something awesome. And if someone is talking too much, just tell them to go to sleep. Stay lit y’all!

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