Fallout 76 Server Hopping: How to Fix on PC and Avoid Error
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Fallout 76 Server Hopping Fixed: Dawgs, it’s Time to Jump Servers Without Issues

What’s up, mates? Your boy is here, bringing the good news about Fallout 76 server hopping fixed. If you’re a Fallout 76 fan, then you know how frustrating it was to jump servers to farm specific items or get more caps. But don’t worry, because the server hopping problem is no longer an issue in Fallout 76.

The Fallout 76 community was always searching for ways to dodge the server hopping issues, which they could face in the future. Some of these issues include Fallout 76 server hopping PC, how to server hop Fallout 76, Fallout 76 how to server jump, and Fallout 76 server down problems. Although there were some workarounds for Fallout 76 server problems, nothing was foolproof, making players feel annoyed and tired of server hopping problems.

What was the Fallout 76 Server Hopping Issue?

  • Server lagging
  • Disconnection problems
  • 3rd-party software usage to jump servers
  • Losing progress
  • Getting booted from the server

If you’ve played Fallout 76, then there’s a high chance you’ve come across these issues. It was hard to dodge or workaround them. But let me tell you, mates, the recent update fixed it for good.

How Did They Fix Fallout 76 Server Hopping Problem?

Bethesda finally decided to fix the issue by introducing a new cooldown period for jumping servers. The new server hopping system limits the frequency of server jumps within a particular time, removing the problems from Fallout 76 PC or any other platform. Additionally, this new cooldown period will ensure a better play experience without server error or server hopping problems.

Besides, you can change server anytime you want, but only after the cooldown period ends. No more unexpected disconnections or loss of your saved game progress. This will keep your game experience smoother, making it more enjoyable than before.


That’s all, mates. You can now jump servers without worrying about any issues. Even though it might affect your Fallout 76 game strategy, it’s a trade-off that will make your life better in the long run. Now, that Fallout 76 server hopping fixed, you don’t need to look for any other workaround because it’s easier than ever.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog post. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you’ve faced any other Fallout 76 problems, we’re here to solve them for you.

Thanks for reading, mates. See you in the game!

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