Decompile DLL C++: Effective Ways & Tools
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Decompiling DLL in C++ Made Easier

Are you tired of damaging your head after spending hours trying to decompile DLL in C++? Look no further! Dawg, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about decompiling DLL in C++. So, get ready to learn how to decompile DLL effortlessly.

What is a DLL?

Before we delve deeper into decompiling DLLs in C++, let’s first understand what DLLs are.

DLL or Dynamic Link Library is a software component that stores one or more codes, procedures, and routines for the program to run. It contains codes that other programs can use and can dynamically change.

Decompiling DLLs in C++

To decompile DLLs in C++, you must have a decompiler that reads the code of the DLL file and sends it back to the source file. Decompiling a DLL is useful when you need to examine or make modifications to the DLL code.

There are two ways to decompile a DLL in C++ – online or using a Visual Studio.

Decompiling DLL using Visual Studio:

– Open Visual Studio and select File from the menu bar.
– Then select Open and choose File.
– Locate the DLL file you want to decompile and select Open as Binary.
– Once the file is open, click File from the menu bar.
– Next, choose Save As and select C++ Source File (.cpp) from the dropdown menu.

Decompiling DLL online:

To decompile DLL online, you must use online decompilers such as dotPeek, Reflector, or JustDecompile. These external online tools help to decompile the DLL quickly and efficiently.

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Prevent Decompiling DLL in C++

Compiling your code using obfuscation is a commonly used technique to prevent DLL decompiling. Code obfuscation refers to the process of deliberately making source code difficult to comprehend. This process changes names of the variables and non-functional code.


In conclusion, decompiling a DLL in C++ is an essential process when you need to make changes to the DLL code. You can decompile DLL files using Visual Studio or online tools like dotPeek, Reflector, and JustDecompile. However, it is crucial to consider obfuscation technique to prevent the decompilation of your DLL files.

With this information, you can now decompile your DLL files without hassles. So, try it out for yourself and eliminate the stress of decompiling DLL in C++. Thank you for reading!

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