Bunny Hop CS:GO Guide – Tips and Tricks for Bind, Command, and Mouse Wheel
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Bunny Hop CS GO: Jump Higher and Faster Than Your Enemies

What is Bunny Hop in CS GO?

If you’ve ever played CS GO or watched professional players, you might have noticed the bunny hop technique. Bunny hopping is a movement technique where players jump repeatedly to avoid slowing down, moving faster, and jumping higher than their enemies. Bunny hopping is an essential skill for movement because it enables you to cross the map quickly, reach higher platforms, and dodge your enemies’ bullets like a boss.

How to Bunny Hop in CS GO: Command, Bind, and Mouse Wheel

Bunny hopping in CS GO is not easy, and it takes a lot of practice to master. The basic bunny hop command is +jump that makes your player jump when you press Space. However, if you want to jump higher and faster, you need to bind the jump to your mouse wheel, so you can time your jumps perfectly. You can bind jump to your mouse wheel with the following command:

bind mwheelup +jump or bind mwheeldown +jump

Once you have bound the jump to your mouse wheel, you need to practice timing your jumps perfectly to maintain your speed and height. You can also use scripts or programs that automate bunny hopping to make it easier, but they are not recommended because they can get you banned from servers and tournaments.

Why Bunny Hop in CS GO: Game, Server, and Komenda

Bunny hopping in CS GO is not just a fancy movement technique; it’s also a strategic advantage that can help you win the game. You can use bunny hopping to surprise your enemies, rush to the bomb site, flank their positions, escape from danger, or simply show off your skills. Bunny hopping can also be used on community servers or private server with friends for fun and practice.

If you want to bunny hop in a game, you need to be familiar with the map, the routes, the positions, and the timing. You should practice in offline mode or on a private server before jumping into a real game. You should also check if bunny hopping is allowed on the server by typing the command sv_airaccelerate in the console. The value of 10 is the default value, but some servers might increase it to make bunny hopping easier or disable it completely.

If you want to improve your bunny hopping skills and knowledge, you can also use the bunny hop komenda, which is a set of commands and settings that can help you practice and customize your bunny hopping experience. You can find bunny hop komenda on online forums, YouTube videos, or by asking other players.


Bunny hopping in CS GO is a fun, challenging, and rewarding movement technique that can give you an edge over your enemies. Whether you want to master bunny hopping for competitive play or just for fun, you need to practice, learn, and enjoy the process. By following the tips and tricks in this blog post, you can become a bunny hopping pro and impress your friends, dawg. Peace out.

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