Лучшие скрипты на инвокера 2017: обзор и сравнение (45 characters)
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Yo, what’s good dawgs! It’s ya boy, straight outta the land down under. Today, we gonna talk about some lit scripts for my favorite hero in Dota 2, the Invoker. If you’re a fan of Invoker like me, then you know how important it is to have the right scripts for your hero. So, let’s dive right into it and check out the must-have скрипты на инвокера 2017.

First things first, what are scripts and why do you need them? Well, my fellow Dota players, scripts are basically a set of instructions that help you execute certain actions automatically in the game. For instance, you can have a script that automatically invokes certain spells for Invoker in a specific order, or a script that helps you dodge certain abilities like a pro.

Now, let’s talk about some must-have scripts for Invoker in 2017. Bear in mind these scripts can be used in the latest versions of Invoker 7.26.


Cold Snap Script

If there’s one thing that Invoker is known for, it’s his cold snap. This script automatically casts Cold Snap on the enemy hero and helps you get those sweet kills. With this script, you won’t have to waste any time trying to cast the spell manually, just sit back and let the script handle it.

Tornado EMP Combo Script

This script combo is a must-have for every Invoker player out there. It automatically casts Tornado followed by EMP to drain the enemy’s mana while they’re thrown up in the air. This combo is deadly and can turn the tides of any team fight. With this script, you can easily execute this combo without worrying about any errors.

Sunstrike Script

Sunstrike is another powerful spell that Invoker possesses. This script automatically casts Sunstrike on the enemy hero and can also be used for last-hitting in the lane. With this script, you’ll always hit your targets with precision, and that can make all the difference.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks! These are some of the best скрипты на инвокера 2017. These scripts can help you play Invoker like a pro and make the most out of his abilities. Don’t forget to download and test these scripts to see which ones work for your playstyle.

Keep in mind that using scripts can be controversial, and some players might not approve of them. However, as long as you’re not using any hacks or cheats, you should be fine. Happy gaming, and I’ll catch you on the battlefield, dawgs. Peace out!

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